Can you be hypnotised to lose weight?

We review The Hypnotic Gastric Band by Paul McKenna

We hear all the time about obesity in the UK. Ai??There are many ways to lose weight, but taking the drastic step of elective surgery is not something that many would consider or afford.

Needing to lose weight myself, I decided to try out the very sucessful Paul McKenna book:

Now I am a very sceptical person, and did not believe for one minute it would work. Ai??I have seen stage hypnotists and do believe people can be given hypnotic suggestion, but did not believe it would work on me.

Although I had low expectations, my main worry was how I would 'remove' my gastric band if I did get down to my ideal weight, Ai??so I proceeded with some trepidation.

The technique works in three steps:

1. Read the book from cover to cover

2. Watch a DVD to learn a technique to control stress

3. Listen to the hypnotic trance on a CD

The book is not very long and I read in about an hour. Ai??It explains how a surgical gastric band procedure is performed. Ai??It is also highly critical of other companies that operate slimming clubs and sell diet food. Ai??The technique does not require you to buy any special food nor cook special slimming recipes. You just eat what you want, when you are hungry, and lose weight. Ai??The book also reassured me on my concerns about 'adjusting' the gastric band in the future so I decided to proceed.

The DVD is really to help people that find stress leads to comfort eating – not something I do. Ai??However, I watched and learnt the techniques anyway to ensure I did everything correctly. Ai??I recently had other stress in my like and found the technique useful there so was worthwhile to learn anyway.

Lastly you listened to the CD with the hypnotic trance. I decided to wear headphones to ensure maximum concentration and I lay down in a quiet room.

The fist time I listened I did not really remember much from about halfway in and worried I had just fallen asleep. Ai??So the next morning I listened again when I was wide awake, but even then the last 5 minutes I found hard to recall.

I didn't feel any different after the CD. Ai??I did feel motivated by some of the sections in the book and I wanted the whole process to work, but I could not see how it had really made any difference. Ai??There are simple rules to follow when having a meal, and I tried to stick to them but I was not sure I felt any different.

So, did it work?

As the book suggested, I did start to find I got full before I cleared my plate. Ai??I was always guilty of stuffing in the food on my plate as – I would hate to see good food go to waste. Ai??However, now I just could not finish eating everything. Ai??Also, I stopped picking at sweets during the day as I did not feel hungry.

I always made a big bowl of cereal for breakfast, but after the hypnotic session I found myself tipping away almost half as I was full. Ai??Now I often skip breakfast and have a glass of milk instead.

I started to feel like I wanted to eat salads for lunch and I would settle for cheese on toast in the evenings – rather than a large ready meal in front of TV.

I was amazed at how easy I had adapted to these huge changes in he way I ate. Ai??If I was hungry, I would eat plenty – but only if I was hungry. Ai??I don't alway stick to the eating rules, but this does not seem to matter for me as I only eat until I am full.

After three months

I have now lost over 15Kg (about 2St 7lb) in weight. Ai??I have even felt like I need to go to the gym as I am so full of energy – no mean feat at my age!

I never thought this would work, but the results on me are plane to see. Ai??Maybe it could work for you too. Ai??It is very good value and can be bought at all good book stores or here on Amazon:


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One comment on “Can you be hypnotised to lose weight?
  1. David Green says:

    I have wondered about this book. Thank you for this review – at under £10 it’s got to be worth a try I guess.