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When my father retired, he bought his first laptop and decided to venture out into the big wide online world of the Internet.

Helping him to get his laptop set up and ready to go online, I soon realised that there were very few places on the Internet that provided the type of information and online community support that he might find useful.

New technology is actually making it easier every day for older people to access the Internet. Since he got his iPad he is online every day.   I hope that this website will grow to provide an online resource for retired people, with regular articles written (we hope) in plain English, without lot’s of jargon and technical terms.

We will:

- Recommended links to sites that we have already checked out
to make sure they are interesting and safe to visit

- Write topical articles on issues that may be of interest to or affect retired people

- Publish your articles – Yes why not drop us an email to tell us about something you find interesting, a hobby or an issues
that affect you.

This site is for you, so let us know what you would like to see in the future.

You can comment on this and other articles you find on the site using the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below.  Alternatively, you can email us at mail@rpclub.co.uk *.

(* links that contain the @ symbol are normally email address’ that you can click.  This will  start up the email tool on your computer so you can send an email)

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