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iPad 2 – must have tech for Silver Surfers

iPad image

Rumours are rife around the impending launch of the new Apple iPad.Ai?? Technology review site TechRadar is awash with details of the possible new specifications sourced from all over the Internet. It seems that the following are probably true: -

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Northampton Gran batters 6 jewel robbers with handbag!


The story of Northampton’s ‘super-gran’ who drove away six jewel thieves armed only with her handbag has ‘gone viral’ on the world wide web! Caught on camera, the idea of a 70+ pensioner saving the day is inspirational and has

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Budget: So is it good or bad news for pensioners?!

Pound sign

So, the chancellor has spoken and the budget has been delivered, but is it actually good news or bad news for the retired population of the UK?

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How do you find the right Care Home?

Lady recieving care from nurse

Recenty, a friend of mine needed to make the difficult decision to place their mother into a care home. This is never an easy time for all involved. With emotions high it can be hard to focus on the key

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Our first post!

Our First Post

From Gardening Tips to Online Guides, Financial to Health, we will make sure we don’t use any fancy jargon to make sure you know exactly what we are talking about.

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