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Can you be hypnotised to lose weight?

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 01.40.27

We review The Hypnotic Gastric Band by Paul McKenna We hear all the time about obesity in the UK.  There are many ways to lose weight, but taking the drastic step of elective surgery is not something that many would

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Review: Alive and Active Seated Exercise DVD with Simon Roll

Picture of Alive and Active DVD

You will recall a while back we asked Simon Roll, a qualified personal trainer with a degree in Sports Science, to give us some insight into his thoughts on exercise and fitness for seniors. Simon is passionate about ensuring our

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Self scan checkouts – are they serving you or the supermarket?

Self Checkout till

I remember – as a child – self-service machines would dispense postage stamps, bubblegum or allow you to pay for a carpark ticket.  When it came to groceries the only self service was the honesty box to buy eggs or

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Online shopping – Secure or Not sure?


Shopping online can be the best way to secure a bargain.  No parking fees, no queueing or waiting for opening time.  The younger generations don’t hesitate to buy online at sites like Amazon and eBay.  Inputting their card details or

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Calls to cut falls in the elderly

Caduceus with First-aid Kit

Injuries from falls are the leading cause of death in people over 75 in the Uk. Last week, an NHS Confederation report said a more joined-up strategy at local, rather than national level, was needed in order to cut falls

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Oaty Cherry Crumble – a little thrifty luxury!

Cherry Crumble

During these times of austerity cooking and thrifty recipes, cheap and filling food seems to be the order of the day and luxury foods are well and truly off the menu! Something like a cherry crumble seems somewhat extravagant to

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The Merry Widow? Forging a future on your own…

Women Wearing Colorful Bathing Caps

It is a sad fact that as part of a marriage, or any relationship, one of you will die before the other, and it is something that neither party is very keen on acknowledging, let alone plan for, before it's

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