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Oaty Cherry Crumble – a little thrifty luxury!

Cherry Crumble

During these times of austerity cooking and thrifty recipes, cheap and filling food seems to be the order of the day and luxury foods are well and truly off the menu! Something like a cherry crumble seems somewhat extravagant to

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The Merry Widow? Forging a future on your own…

Women Wearing Colorful Bathing Caps

It is a sad fact that as part of a marriage, or any relationship, one of you will die before the other, and it is something that neither party is very keen on acknowledging, let alone plan for, before it's

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BP announces resuption of share dividend payment – should you care?

Oil Exploration Rig

When BP was forced to pay billions to clean up the spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year, dividend payments were halted to meet this cost. A huge number of the pension schemes in the UK held shares in

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Budget: So is it good or bad news for pensioners?!

Pound sign

So, the chancellor has spoken and the budget has been delivered, but is it actually good news or bad news for the retired population of the UK?

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