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Time to stop admissions to the Inter-National Health Service

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The scandal of Health Tourism has been around for a long time.  When the NHS was founded there was a scandal reported that pregnant mums from the United States of America would fly to the UK to give birth as

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Why exercise in retirement is more important than other life stages

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We all know that keeping fit and healthy is something we should all aim for, but once retired this can be a real challenge. We ask our friend Simon Roll from Alive and Active   to tell us more about the

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Calls to cut falls in the elderly

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Injuries from falls are the leading cause of death in people over 75 in the Uk. Last week, an NHS Confederation report said a more joined-up strategy at local, rather than national level, was needed in order to cut falls

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Heart failure – new hope for sufferers?


do my essay “He has such a big heart!” – it's a saying that we all view as being a positive trait, and certainly it is from an emotional point of view; but living with a physically enlarged heart is

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